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Have you failed at healing your depression?

Out of the Darkness with Deb Holz provides you with a practical, revolutionary approach and methodology to overcome depression.

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I look forward to guiding you on this journey together!

Debra Holz, Award Winning Author
of Out of the Darkness

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Out of the Darkness with Deb Holz is organized through SIX STAGES that can lead to your own transformation to peace and joy.

As a member, you will receive monthly articles, videos, lessons, and exercises to further build upon your learning through my SIX STAGES program. You can begin by downloading my Six Steps to living depression-free right now!

The information contained in this course is not readily available through traditional “treatment” and psychiatric institutions that may charge thousands of dollars.

As a member, you’ll receive ongoing practical information about how you may overcome your depression beyond traditional psychiatric, pharmaceutical, and therapeutic methods, as I successfully did.

Since 2013-2014, I have been entirely depression free for the first time ever and now remain persistently joyful and peaceful regardless of external circumstances.

As a woman no longer controlled by depression, my mission is to share my experience in the hope that I can guide you into emotional and mental health and enhanced physical and spiritual wellbeing.


Access to monthly articles, videos, lessons and exercises.


Guidance and support from someone who understands.


Special Founding Members pricing available for a limited time at $45/month.

“I had no idea that I could re wire my brain, it was a process of changing my thinking and creating new pathways, without taking medications, now I see and feel the joy in life, all the things I have missed, I feel like a new person... I am grateful for you and your willingness to share your story."
Anne C

There is light beyond the darkness.

Don’t delay stepping onto your path toward a depression free life.

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