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It’s incredible to fathom that I once didn’t want to live. My struggle with depression led me to near-suicide at various times in my life. These days, I am just SO HAPPY to be alive! Simply being here is much sweeter and fulfilling than I ever thought possible. I am deeply grateful!

That is why I have such a passion and mission to share my personal story of how I healed through depression. I know it is possible and hope that others can realize a similar positive outcome.

As a writer, I also believe strongly in the power of words to help and heal. This talent/skill is in my blood . . . it’s who I am. Since I could construct sentences, I knew that I wanted writing to be my life’s work. It’s all I ever wanted to do! I was first published at age 19 and have primarily worked as a professional writer ever since.

My career has focused on content and creative direction in the advertising and marketing industry, and as a contributor and reporter to several major newspapers. I hold a bachelor of arts degree in English Education from United States International University, along with graduate work in journalism at Boston University.

When I’m not at my desk writing, I’m on the trail!

As an avid nature lover and hiker, the natural world is my therapy. Whenever there’s a trail nearby, I’m walking it! I have traversed mountains and desert trails all over the United States, and routinely walk the beautiful, 16-mile natural reserve near my home in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Surrounded by woods, lush foliage, streams, and waterfalls, it is a soul respite in the middle of my city.

A big part of my joy these days is being happily married to Rick Nowlin, a fellow journalist and musician. I am the mother of two adult children, and I love being grandmother to four precious grandchildren. Friendships are also important to me and something that I nurture every day. 

At the core of it all, I want this precious life that I still have to be of purpose and meaning by helping others live fully, joyfully and free of depression.

Debra Holz Out of the Darkness

Debra Holz

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