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Six Steps to a
Depression-Free Life



Are you tired of being depressed? 

Are you at the end of your rope (or close to it) trying to feel better, but nothing has worked so far? Or at least not fully?

Have you tried traditional psychiatric, pharmaceutical, and/or therapeutic “treatment” but still don’t feel better?

Out of the Darkness with Deb Holz shares the SIX STAGES I developed to overcome my depression once and for all.

In 2013 after a 50-year battle with depression, I was about to end my life. I had been “treated” by psychiatrists and therapists since 1977, but I never became depression-free. By 2013, my psychiatric team deemed my major depressive disorder untreatable and gave up on me.

I gave up on me, too.

But in a last-ditch effort to save myself, I opened my mind to the possibility that perhaps there was something I didn’t know about how to heal my depression.

What ensued was my acquisition of knowledge and information about brain mechanics and how to change its neurochemistry towards “feel good” functioning.

I integrated my newfound knowledge into every aspect of my life and developed practical methods and exercises that rewired my brain and enhanced my overall wellbeing, creating for me a life of impenetrable joy and peace.


And I believe you can achieve this, too.

How I ended my depression in 8 months.

Stay tuned for my upcoming membership program and receive direct support through your journey.

Debra Holz Out of the Darkness

I sincerely want to help you overcome depression. Let's start the conversation.
With great hope for you!

Deb Holz

You will learn:

  • how to identify the underlying beliefs and thoughts that fuel your depression.
  • and understand energy in order to restructure depression-inducing beliefs and thought patterns.
  • about the beauty of neuroplasticity (how you can heal your brain).
  • tips to transform your life and help you discover joy and peace.
  • lifestyle changes to revolutionize mind, body, and spirit.
  • how to maintain a depression-free life.

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