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Learn methods to help guide you out of the darkness of depression.

Are you struggling to find a way out of the throes of depression?

I am living proof that there is light beyond the darkness, anguish, and despair of depression. And I’m here to share what I did to overcome it once and for all and what I believe you can too.
I have been DEPRESSION-FREE since 2013 and have since lived a joyous, peaceful life
My award winning, bestselling book Out of the Darkness: Aligning Science and Spirit chronicles what I did to finally end 50 years of suffering without drugs or therapy.
Through the tools of science—specifically, neuroplasticity—I was able to “rewire” and change my brain’s neurochemistry towards a full end to healing of my depression.

My hope for you is that you will not only overcome depression but also transform beyond it to a joyous, peaceful life!

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As a woman no longer controlled by depression, my mission is to share my experience in the hope that I can guide you into emotional and mental health and enhanced physical and spiritual well-being.

Take advantage of my experience and proven strategies and begin your journey to a depression-free life.


Meet Debra

Welcome! I am a writer, author, speaker, certified life coach . . . and, remarkably, a survivor of depression. What I am NOT: a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist. My first-hand experience with overcoming depression, however, speaks for itself. I struggled with it for five decades until 2013, when I began to discover information and develop methods for overcoming it once and for all. I haven’t had anything close to an episode since! My mission is to help others who suffer from depression as I share my path to a joyous, peaceful life.

Amazon Award

#1 Amazon bestseller in 6 categories

TAZ Award

Winner of 1st Place, Nonfiction category,
in the National 2022 TAZ Author Zone book awards

“Debra, you tell the truth and hold the darkness of shame up to the light, and that darkness just disappears. You are brave and courageous—not only for capturing your story but also for persevering and striving to be and do better and maybe to love and be loved. I am honored to know you and see a miracle right before my very eyes.”

I am astonished at how well my book has been received since its publication in December 2022. Out of the Darkness: Aligning Science and Spirit to Overcome Depression is an intimate retelling of my journey from the darkness of depression to the light of healing, peace and joy.

Struggling for more than 50 years with this insidious tormenter culminated in a plan to take my own life. I saw it as the only solution to the pain of severe emotional abuse and physical trauma that led me down a dark path of mental illness, addiction, self-loathing, and despair. 

Then, a miracle occurred when spirit prompted me to ask a simple question: Is there another way to heal my depression beyond the traditional medical and psychiatric treatments that hadn’t worked? Out of the Darkness recounts what unfolded, eventually leading me to explore the cutting-edge science of neuroplasticity, as well as consciousness and my underlying self-beliefs.

With an estimated 10 percent of Americans struggling with depression, Out of the Darkness sheds important light on why the merging of science and spirit is a critical component to healing through it.

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